Simple Designs Software LLC

Perfection in Simplicity

Our name says it all. The software we publish is simple — easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to get everything you want out of it.

We're a family-run company, and we treat our customers as family, too. We make YOU our top priority, not our bottom line. If you're using one of our products, and need support for any reason, your request will be handled by a live person, not an automated process. Our support representatives don't read from a script. They treat each problem on a case-by-case basis, and do their personal best to resolve your issue.

As you can see from our logo, our company has three faces. We started out as a small web design company, and we have now expanded into two more areas of online software publishing.

Our three faces are detailed below.


Web Design and Hosting

Innovative Online  Gaming

Cloud-based Software for Home and Business


Simple Designs For Simple Minds

In this branch of our company, we design and host web sites that are simple and easy for your users to understand and utilize. Fifty percent of computer users out there are not very computer savvy and don't understand large complicated websites. You want their business too, don't you?

We offer live design support to make sure your site looks exactly the way you want it. If you want an affordable website that doesn't look cheap, then you've come to the right place!

Our lead programmer has had 19 years experience creating large e-commerce sites. So you can have anything from a simple 1 page brochure site advertising your business, to a full e-commerce site where users can order your items online and pay by credit card or paypal.

Hotep® Games

This branch of our company produces all sorts of online games, from card games to turn-based strategy, to MMORPG's (massively-multiplayer online role-playing).

Our first game, StarForce: 2193, is online now. You can find it here. We have three more games in the works, and we're just starting, folks!

All of our games have at least one feature or attribute that is original and unique to the genre of the game, creating a game-play experience like no other.

And true to our name, our games are simple and easy to learn.

Simple Designs Software

Our newest face, this branch publishes online cloud-based software products, for home users, for large businesses, and for everyone in between.

Nicknamed our "Hotep® software" line, we have no products online yet, but we have two on the drawing board.

Like our games, these software products will have unique features not available in any other product.